Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Journey


As we mentioned before Kelly Osbourne weight loss journey started in 2009. Besides her big wish to lose weight, her first step was to hire a personal trainer.

It’s always amazing when you have a personal trainer that will follow you in every step that you are doing during your weight loss program. Kelly Osborne did the right choice when she decided to hire her personal trainer Sarah.

She was helping Kelly to use to training that will fit into her diet. Also, during her exercising program, Sarah was showing Kelly practices like power plate, Bosu and many interesting and useful cardio exercises.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss
Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

According to latest information, till 2015 the very popular 28 years old Kelly Osbourne has lost around 70 pounds. She began her weight loss program in 2009 and till today she succeeds to become slim, sexy and full of energy.

But, how she succeed in this? What kind of diet program and exercises does she implement in her everyday routine? If you want to find out more and start implement her weight loss program, keep reading because the information for her incredible shape is in the few paragraphs bellow.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss
Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Secrets

However, even after the big amount of weight lost, Kelly Osbourne still works out. Her personal trainer recommended her that if she wants to keep her shape body, she should continue to warm up, to do yoga for about fifteen minutes, to go to jogging, etc. For keep her beautiful and slim body, Kelly is also doing a mix of squats, planks, pushups, cross-training, exercise bikes, etc.

After so many days and weeks spent in applying different types of activities, Kelly is getting used to doing just a few exercises in the morning or after her meals as a regular day routine. Also, according to Kelly Osbourne statements, the essential for slim and sexy body is to do just a few exercises per session then take a break for thirty to forty seconds and then continue again with another training session.

With this fantastic everyday routine and a plan for exercising, you are burning your calories as hell. However, sometimes your body is searching for a break of one or two days without exercising. So, according to the personal trainer of Kelly Osbourne after you lose the amount of weight that you were planning, the best timing for exercising is for about half an hour three times per week. Also, keep in mind that you should change your exercises if you want to have some positive results after every half an hour spend on warm up and exercises.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss
Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

How Do Kelly Osbourne Implemented Special Diet Plans?

But, exercising will not be successful for Kelly Osbourne if she did not implement a special diet. Kelly Osbourne weight loss journey is following a special diet that combines with a lot of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs. As she described her special diet in one of her interviews, this is not a too strict diet that everyone are thinking. She thinks that if you eat a normal and healthy food and exercising correctly you will be slim, sexy, healthy and full of happiness and energy.

For Kelly Osbourne, the secret is to eat healthy portions of breakfast, lunch and dinner. During her weight loss journey, she tried to not overeat because she had that problem before. Also, during her weight loss program and even after that she is avoiding to eat wrong foods and does not allow herself to eat unhealthy food like she used to.

Kelly Osbourne Schedule her Diet

So, how her diet day starts? For breakfast, she plans to have heavy breakfast because she knows this meal is most important for the human body to stay active and healthy and with energy during the work day. Even one time Kelly Osbourne admitted that from time to time she had pizza for breakfast. For lunch, she usually had light portions such as salad or fish. For dinner, she preferred to have oatmeal.

She did it all by herself because she was doing research way before she starts with her weight loss program. Also, she was consulting with her personal trainer about some foods that she was not sure if she should eat before or after exercising. Besides that, after her weight loss program, she gets use to eat healthy meals. But from time to time she have cheat meals and even cheat days when she allow herself to try some fast food and more carbohydrates than usual.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss
Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Rules

Last but not least when it comes to Kelly Osbourne weight loss journey is good to mentioned that she had some unique and useful weight loss tips that she was sharing with her fans. Her first rule was that you should never skip breakfast as the most important meal of your body. The second rule is to drink at least six or eight glasses of water per day. The third rule of Kelly Osbourne is to eat when you feel hungriness not when needed because of lunch time or dinner time.

That’s all you must know about the secrets of Kelly Osbourne weight loss and the rules of her happy ending of the weight loss journey.