jennifer lopez workout routines

Workout Routines That Help Jennifer Lopez to Get Sexy Bikini Body

Girls are desperate to know Jennifer Lopez workout routines that surely help them to get a sexy bikini body. Before i highlight Jennifer Lopez workout routines and diet plans let me discuss about her first. She is an extraordinarily talented singer and actress; she is also involved in fashion design and producing videos.

Jennifer Lopez has always been admired for her body and the way she looks. Being able to perform at a high level is demanding and will always come with sacrifices. Working hard is the best way to achieve all you set out to do, and she knows this best.

Diet Plans Secrets

We will look at Jennifer Lopez workout routines and diet plans to get the inspiration and knowledge we need to train. One way to make sure you will get the hourglass look that Jennifer Lopez is famous for is to eat proper meals at the proper time. There is also a great deal of workouts involved when dealing with bodies like that but as we all know, no pain no gain. Let’s start with the diet plans and eating habits:

  • Do not starve yourself – you have one goal, and that is to lose weight, not to starve yourself. Starving will cause you to lose energy and not fat. Just try and make yourself comfortable with a size you like and comes natural, nothing is more beautiful than a natural look.
  • Eat up to five times a day – you will not compromise when dealing with the nutrients your meals offer. You have to eat the right thing at the right time. You can fit a lot in your daily meals as long as there not fattening, look for meals that will have you eat: grilled chicken, salmon fillets, cottage cheese, prawns, turkey and coffee.
  • Stay hydrated – Jennifer Lopez drinks a lot of water to benefit to stay hydrated. It will also help cleanse the body and will provide a glow to your skin.
  • Protein-rich meals – consuming proteins will help the dying cells to be replaced or repaired. Jennifer Lopez gets her proteins from consuming meat products and soy foods.
  • Stop being greedy – you don’t have to stop eating what you like, just keep your eating habits in check so your body can deal with them. She does eat fast foods, meats, and chocolate chip cookies. She makes sure not to lose track and stay on the safe side by always keeping track.

Jennifer Lopez Workout Routines

The way Jennifer Lopez looks to do with how much effort she puts into the training, and the fact that she stays consistent with the workouts. Get a slice of that confident look and feel she has and start doing that by training like her. Let’s have a look at the Jennifer Lopez workout routines:

jennifer lopez workout routines
jennifer lopez workout routines

Modified push-up – hands outside of your chest, drop the knee to the floor and bring your chest to the floor

Pull in crunch – V-shaped position from which you bring your chest to your knees, all this when you lie on your back

Plank push up – plank position, go down onto your elbows with alternate right and left movements

Cobra – lay on your back and meet your arms and legs in the middle keeping them straight

Chest fly – upper and back support on a bench with your legs bent in front of you keeping your hips high

Stationary lunge – one leg in front of the other. Your front foot is flat on the ground, and your back heel extended. Drop your back knee and push through the heel.

Secrets of Jennifer Lopez Workout Routines 

Cardio – this is one of the best ways to lose calories. Jennifer Lopez believes this too, so her workouts include several cardio exercises. She does run, boxing and stair master type of exercises. Doing the same exercises again will make your body adapt to them so mixing them up is a great way to keep the results coming.

Jennifer Lopez's Trainer Shares Her Exact Diet and Workout

You might find it boring to lose weight – She admits that trying to lose weight in a certain amount of time can be a waste of energy. She understands that toning the body is a better option that makes you feel and look good. That is why she does resistance training about two or three times a week with the help of her trainers.

The secret of Jennifer Lopez – She has lost weight and got back into shape after her birth by being dedicated and sticking to her goal. Her exercises included squats and lunges that were designed to help her relocate the stored fat in her body. The best way for Jennifer Lopez to lose weight is by working her body weight.

Stay focused, stay dedicated – having goals is good, and it can represent a starting point when dealing with training. However, this is not enough you must program your body and mind during workouts to make sure you get the best results. The attitude is a key factor that will get you feel good about who you are and about the body you have.

Jennifer Lopez Workout Routines Tips

She always keeps these things in mind before starting any workout routines:

  • All exercises should perform with minimum weights, where weights are involved.
  • Do at least ten repetitions per exercise and a total of 15.
  • Please consult with your gym instructor or seek help when not sure of the type of exercise.
  • Always perform a 10-minute warming workout to avoid accidents.

Girls what are you waiting for? You can start your exercise programs from today and if you wish to have a body like her then you may get benefit from Jennifer Lopez workout routines and diet plans.