Party Lighting For a Fun Atmosphere

One of the most essential ways for you to be sure that your guests have a great time and enjoy your party is to help them feel attractive.

When your visitors feel attractive then they will relax, be less self-conscious and be able to cut loose and have fun. One of the best ways to help you feel attractive is to treat everyone like a movie star. Nothing can ruin a fun party mood more than too-bright or too-harsh lighting.

Party Lighting

Some tips that will help you create the perfect party lighting for your event are highlighted here.

Use Candles

Candlelight is one of the most flattering and glamorous options for lighting. Regardless of what you are using – tapers or votive candles – you should place them everywhere and in groups or bunches. Choosing white candles will provide the most elegant atmosphere. You should be sure that you choose unscented ones, however, to ensure they don’t compete with the food you are planning to serve.

Turn Off the Overhead Lighting

The majority of rooms will have one light in the centre of the ceiling. This should not be turned on. Overhead lighting will cast extremely unflattering shadows in the space. A fun fact you may not have known is that overhead lighting is used as a way to age actresses and actors. This is definitely not what you want to do at your party.

Utilize Lamps and Dimmers

A diffused light that comes from a lamp at eye level will create a soft glow and is extremely flattering. You can also install dimmer switches on the lamps so that you are able to control the total illumination level.


Use Bulbs that are Low Wattage

For lamps that you do not have dimmers attached, you should use a low-wattage bulb, such as a 25 watt option. There are some people who will recommend a pink bulb, but you should not do this since the odd colour shadows may compete with your wall’s paint.

Lighting your party properly can have a huge impact on whether or not your guests have a good time. Consider the tips that are found here to ensure that your party lighting is perfect and will encourage a great time. Taking the time to think about the lighting will also ensure that you do not have weird shadows or too much or too little light.

Taking the time to get help from professionals, like the ones at, will make getting the elements of party together much easier. The more help you are able to get during this process, the easier it will become.