Happy Australia Day Celebrations 2024

Are you all ready to undertake with the Happy Australia Day celebrations on 26th January? Well as we all know that each single country has its own national day and in the same way Australia has even set its national day as well that is known as “Australia Day”. This day takes palce on 26th January. This day marks the foundation of the first European settlement at Port Jackson who is presently the part of Sydney in the year 1788.

This is one of the finest opportunities for the people of Australia that allow them to tome together under one shelter and celebrates the culture and tradition of their country. In simple we can say that this day is the hallmark of all the achievements that has been undertaken by Australia in so far years of establishment.

Australia Day


On the Australia Day there is a national day in which all the shops, offices and markets are given with the off day. The family mates move out in the parks for the picnis and even hang around for shopping and watching sports events as well. In Lake Burley Griffin fabolous and eye catching fire works take place in the night time held.

Apart from al such celebrations Australian of the Year Awards are higlighted as well. These are awards for the sake of all such Australians who have given tremendous services and contributions in the country. In most of the cities of Australia citizenship ceremonies are even held up. This even is just organzied for the sake of welcoming all the people in Australia that have been served with the Australian citizenship.


The very first Australia Day was undertaken in the year 1788 at the place of the First Fleet of 11 at Port Jackson. It was led by Captain Arthur Philip. He even took hold over the esatblishment of Colony of New South Wales which was the first penal colony in Australia.

In the year 1818 after the arrival of the First Fleet the Government of Australia granted the permission of giving away one holiday to the employees that was later named as Australia Day. This day is all filled with the ceremonies, exhibitions, banquets, regattas, fireworks and the highlighting of the statue of Queen Victoria.

So this was all about the Australia Day! If you are living in Australia then don’t forget to share the happiness along with the people of Australia.