Happy Australia Day Events in Sydney


 Do you know all about the Happy Australia Day events Sydney? Well if not then we are sure that all the way through this article all of our readers will going to gather enough information about this happening. We all know that each year on the day of 26th January Australia commences its National Day that has been even known with the name of “Happy Australia Day”. This is basically an official national day on which the entire Australia is served with the holidays. This day is merely undertaken for the sake of remembering the year 1788 when first fleet arrived at Sydney Cove.

Australia Day


On the date of 13th May 1787 the first fleet arrived in Sydney that was all accompanied by the 11 ships who set their sail off from England under the leadership command of Captain Arthur Phillip for the purpose of settleing the penal colony in NSW, Australia. Therefore on this day the people of Australia let other world know that still they are free and they are proud of the achievements and contributions given out by their country for them.

On Happy Australia Day the people move out with their families for watching the sports events and even carrying out the picnic stuff as well. There are many functions and different events that are arranged throughout these days along with the fireworks at night time that make this day even extra fun and filled with entertainment.


  1. 1.      The Australia Day Regatta: This event is known best in the Happy Australia Day celebrations just for being the longest running entertainment. Since the last 117th years this event been taking place and in 2013 one more time it will be bringing the smiles on faces of many people. All the professional people will going to make their own creative boats and all of them will be taking part in the racing events. Boats will be controlled with the help of remote controls. This whole event is arranged by government institutions specifically the Royal Australian Navy. The race starts at 1:15pm on the 26th of January where thousands of people gather to watch this exciting race of boats.
  2. 2.      21 Gun Salute: On the next we have the event named as “21 Gun Salute”. This event is quite brief and it just stays for 15 minutes. It starts at 12:00 pm. This whole event is arranged by the Australian Defence Force whose main aim is to identify the symbol of federation of Australian entity. This ceremony is held at North Fleet Steps next to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

So this was all about the Happy Australia Day event Sydney! Don’t miss out catching this event…