Grandpa Fake Death

Controversial Christmas Commercial Grandfather Fakes His Own Death

As we all know Christmas is about to come and number of advertisement can be shown on TV that containing the wishes for Mary Christmas. German supermarket chain the thought of fakes your own death and they make an advertisement for Christmas holidays in which a man faked his death.

Grandpa Fake Death

The title for this commercial could have also been Is This the Most Horrible, Depressing, Insane, Heartbreaking Christmas Commercial Ever

This ad is from German supermarket EDEKA and ads starts with an old man finding out that, once again, his beloved family would not be visiting him for the Christmas holidays. So, he spends Christmas alone. And then he DIES.

Grandfather Fakes his own death On Christmas Grandfather fakes his own death in bizarre Christmas Commercial Visit us More Details :


When his family, children return home for his funeral, they find out that (a very PLOT TWIST! ) He just faked his death!

And grandpa is only said that see how else could I have brought you all together?

And then they have a very Merry Christmas anyway.

This Christmas commercial is really too much controversial and depressing commercial ever.