Emma Stone Had a ‘Meltdown’ Filming a Scene With Ryan Gosling

Emma Stone Had a ‘Meltdown’ Filming a Scene With Ryan Gosling

Emma Stone got off to a rocky start at the Golden Globes, where she was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical for her role as a struggling actress in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.’ She had some trouble remembering her lines at the ceremony, and reportedly took her frustrations out on the audience by yelling, ‘Shut up!’

Stone has received critical acclaim for her work in films such as ‘Easy A’ and ‘Superbad,’ as well as for her roles in TV shows such as ‘Friends’ and ’30 Rock.’ In 2010, she won a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in ‘Zombieland.’

Emma Stone was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 22, 1987. As a child, she attended the American School of Madrid. Her parents divorced when she was nine years old, and she returned to live with her mother in Los Angeles.

Emma Stone Had a ‘Meltdown’ Filming a Scene With Ryan Gosling

Crazy, Stupid Love is a romantic comedy starring Ryan Gosling and Emma stone. The film was one her most memorable roles before going on to do La La land. She also starred in the musical La La Land. Like Stone, Gosling is an excellent actor, and the movie showed his range. He did the famous lift scene from Dirty dancing. However, Stone wasn’t a big fan of using the move.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is an American romantic comedy film directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. The film stars Steve Carell as Cal, Emma Stone as Hannah, Ryan Gosling as Jacob, and Jonah Hill as Nick. The plot revolves around a middle-aged man (Carell) who gets divorced and tries to win back his ex-wife (Stone). In the process he meets a womanizer (Gosling), learns how to flirt with girls, and falls in love with another woman (Hill).

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Jacob is an interesting character because he doesn’t know he’s being used by Cal as a pickup man. He falls in love with Cal’s daughter, but then Cal disapproves of him and his relationship with her. In the end, Cal changes his mind about the situation.

The lift scene is a famous moment from Dirty Dancing. At the end of the movie, Patrick Swayze’s dancing partner jumps off the stage and lands in the middle of the theater. Audience members rush over to help Jennifer Grey down from the stage. Grey then runs to Swayz, who lifts her up in the air completely. He then carries her around the room as if he were carrying a baby. Grey reveals that she was terrified of performing the lift. In fact, she was not the first person to be afraid of this dance move.

Crazy, Stupid Love recreated the scene in a comedic fashion. According to BuzzFeed the scene was not in Gosling’s script. He added it in the film because he used to do ballet and didn’t know that Stone had an extreme phobia of heights. She had absolutely no idea until rehearsal. As soon Gosling lifted Stone up in the air, she went into full-blown panic mode.

Gosling said it felt like a possum falling out of the tree and trying to scratch my eyes out. Stone needed to take a minute or two to calm down. In fact, Stone couldn’t even do the lift scene. That’s why we see a wide shot of her outside the house during that time.