Meet Sofía Jirau, The First Victoria’s Secret Model with Down Syndrome

Sofia Jirau is a beautiful woman who has Down Syndrome. She is the first model with this condition to be chosen by Victoria’s Secret.

Her fans were excited when she shared her news on social media. Hailey Baldwin, Adutakech, Taylor Hill, Valentina Sampaio and Palsomelesesser are some of the models featured in the Love Cloud Collection.

The collection has been designed by Raúl Martinez, the head creative director of the brand. He says that the collection is a major moment in their brand’s evolution. From the cast of incredible women who bring the collection to life to the incredible inclusive spirit, the collection is an important part of their new standard.

This news comes after the brand announced in June 2021 that the would be getting rid of the ‘Angel’ title and replacing it with the VS Collective, an ever growing group of accomplished women who shares a common passion to drive posiitve change. The initial group includes ‘accomplished’ women like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Megan Rapinoe, along with Akesh.

It has expanded to include the likes Bella Hadid and Naomi Osakana. In addition to changing up the faces that represent them, Victoria’s Secret also launches The Victoria’s Secret Global fund for women’s cancer to fund innovative research projects aimed at progress treatments and cures for women cancers.

Who is Sofia Jirau?

Sofia is a 25-years old Puerto Rican model and activist whose favorite phrase is “I love it”. She has over 160,000 followers on Instagram. Her website is called Alavett and she sells clothes, accessories, and home items. She debuted at the February 2020 NYFW. Read more

What is Sofia’s No Limits campaign about?

Sofia’s No Limits campaign aims to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. She wants people to know that everyone with Down Syndrome deserves to be treated as equal to others. She demonstrates this by showing how she and her friends accomplish their goals despite their conditions.

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