Kanye West Leaked Text Messages From Kim Kardashian


Kanye West Leaked Text Messages From Kim KardashianKanye West will not allow Kim Kardashian get without a fight.

After the rapper leaked chats which are personal the estranged wife, Kim presumably delivered him another text moaning exactly why is he sharing her texting on his Instagram.

“Why can’t you keep our conversations exclusive???” an Kim that is irritated asks.

“trigger i acquired a text message from my individual that is favourite in world. I am your no. 1 fan. The reason why wouldn’t we tell anybody!!!!” replies Kanye in an effort to once win Kim over again.

The articles have from the time been erased by the rapper.

Kim submitted for breakup from Kanye in Feb 2021. The father-of-four on the other hand, is insistent on getting their family members right back.