Stepping Outside, The Essentiality of Moving About

We live in an age where apparently the world has shrunk. Distances shortened, communication easy. A world tightly knit, or so we like to think, connected by webs and networks, by wires and waves, We practically live in a time where one can survive their entire lives without having to step outside of their abodes provided they have the means, for one has the ability to procure or rather order all essentials to their own doorsteps. This seems like a blessing but one can argue that this is a plague.

 Humans by the advancement in technology are becoming lazier sicker and inhumane. Without the need to move about to attain our sustenance we are becoming stagnant, our bodies breeding disease, our minds rotting, and our thoughts polluted.


The remedy to all this is simple, travel… Move around, move about. Go places, instead of shopping online go to a mall, and instead of ordering food home go to a restaurant. Instead watching pictures go places. And if you make an effort you will find that this planet has not shrunk at all rather we have limited ourselves. There are experiences at every turn, you can discover so much more by traveling to place instead of reading about it. Journeys are wonderful experiences that aid in this journey of life.

As an example, take a Harrow Taxi, talk to the driver, who is he, how many people he has met, what are his circumstances, which places he has been to. You will learn so much more. Walk to places, each step taken is a moment you think about something different, cycle around get a bike explore the surroundings or a car or whatever you desire or can afford, life is short, shorter than we think why waste it in the confines of the cages we build around us and adorn.

The world we live in is beautiful, it has so many mysteries, so many creatures, each person is a book in themselves, each place a work of art so why not give it a chance. People who travel more generally are more creative, are happier are wiser, where as those who don’t are more stubborn, rude face anxiety and depression, conclusion one should try to be a bit outdoorsy, it helps to give one’s self a change in atmosphere and environment, for To live is to move, and death is to cease in motion.