Indian Scientists Develop Hepatitis C Vaccine

Indian research team at Bengaluru developed a hepatitis C vaccine. This vaccine is developed at Indian institute of science. Professor Sumitra Das and his team developed this vaccine. This vaccine helps people a lot. This vaccine is specially developed for HCV Genotype 3a. according to daily update, scientist if Indian institute developed this vaccine for customized population of India. They add HCV genes into virus so that it would provide the immune system to produce antibodies for killing hepatitis C virus.

Hepatitis C Vaccine

This vaccine is tested at several conditions and finally, it works. The researchers are quoted as saying these lines “this is a molecular cocktail of virus it works like particles that mimic HCV with an adeIndian Scientists Develop Hepatitis C Vaccinenovirus vector encoding the core and also envelope proteins of HCV”. Now this vaccine helps to customized Indian population. A scientist who developed this vaccine feels very proud.