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How to Look Like a Celebrity – Celebrities on Fad Diets

Celebrities on Fad diets

Everybody can agree that celebrities make out life better by performing significant roles or entertaining us with their music, but we can also benefit from they’ve got that is their particular fad diets.

Why would we use fad diets made for celebrities?

Usually, celebrities are surrounded by a lot of people that take care of every aspect of their lives. This fact leads to exquisite results when they go on a diet. It is because all the nutritionists and all the best medical staff are always there to give them pointers and help by guiding them to their goal.

So let us borrow some of that knowledge on fad diets and use it to our advantage so we can too benefit from fad diets made for the stars.

An important thing to consider is the fact that for every fad diet plan to succeed you must put your heart in into it and also be mentally prepared to go on a diet:

  • Keep focused, do not loosen up, results will come
  • For a diet to be even more efficient, you can also workout
  • Always be hydrated, it is a critical factor when dieting
  • A correct fad diet based on fad diets recipes will also keep you healthy

Popular Fad Diets

Remember that people are different, what may work for one is not suited for the other, this can also apply to you, look for the best alternative when choosing from more than one fad diet. Keep in mind all the above discussion and let’s have a look at some celebrities and what their fad diets plans.

Zone Diet

Using the zone diet Jennifer reportedly lost 9 pounds. The zone diet relies on a simple mathematical calculation that you insert into your daily food consumption. It is a method used as it goes: you calculate the best ratio of carbs to fats to protein for you. The best ratio would seem to be of 40:30:30 as this is the one that gave the best results.

The diet is very efficient, and the process of losing weight when using this fad diet plan is a healthy one. It’s one of the best fad diets as it does not restrict the elements the body needs. It just regulates the intake so this diet use as a long-term way of keeping the fat away.

Cabbage Soup Diet

This fad diet helped actress Sarah Michelle Gellar to stay thin when she needed. It is based as the name implies on cabbage soup that is required to eat for several days for dieters. However, this diet is not made to sustain the weight loss for a longer period and is more of a short-term diet. Because of this, it is recommended that you only follow it for seven days with a time-out of at least two weeks in between.

The recipe for the soup consists of mostly vegetables like green peppers, green onions, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, celery and cabbage. The seven days are broken down, and the soup is eaten by different food groups every day.

Raw Food Diet

Demi Moore weight loss efforts based on a fad diet that involved raw foods. The key was not to lose all the nutrients fruits and vegetables have by cooking them. This diet promotes a healthy way of eating and to helps you reach your ideal weight. Demi Moore lost 11 pounds while eating three-quarters of her food uncooked.

However you must be careful because eating undercooked meats is unsafe, so if you plan on using this diet to lose weight limit your raw food to:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Natural juices

Hampton’s Diet Plan

The Hampton’s Diet is one of those fad diets that will also become a lifestyle. Using this menu Sarah Jessica Parker lost 15 pounds. This diet eliminates processed foods from the dieter’s meals and in turn, focuses the attention on more natural obtained food. Processed foods should replace by raw fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and fish.

As said before this diet can become a healthy lifestyle and its fundamental principles are focusing on the right foods not necessarily on the portion sizes. It is a low-fat carb diet that encourages you to eat fish and lean meats.

The Dukan Diet

It is almost impossible not to hear about the Dukan diet; this fad diet plan is as famous as fad diets can get. Kate Middleton follows this diet to get in shape and apparently it worked. The Dukan diet relies on a kick start based only on protein and vegetables. After that, the plan enters a three-phase diet that gets less strict week by week.

One of those diets plans that can have variations depending on how many pounds you want to lose. It has a total of four phases and as their name implies each serves a particular purpose:

  • The Attack Phase
  • The Cruise Phase
  • The Consolation Phase
  • The Permanent Stabilization Phase

Careful Planning to Stick with Fad Diets

Looking at all of these fad diets plans we can see a common denominator represented by will and determination of the dieters. So whatever fad diets you plan to follow remember you are the one in control and the one who can make it all happen.