Trump vs. Biden

Trump vs. Biden Debate: Why Was It The Turning Point for American Democracy?

The Biden-Trump debate was a subjective train wreck with which many Americans saw themselves at the crossroads of making tough decisions for the future of their country.

Most viewers were simply astonished over the possibility that they would be choosing between two petty nominees in terms of credibility, quality, and objectives. Trump vs. Biden

It can be easily claimed that the two old men gifted America with the “worst debate of all time”. Not only was it blessed with heckling, yelling, and interruption mostly by President Trump. It was also paired with Trump throwing all etiquette and decorum out of the window in his power struggle.

Consequently, irritated by Trump’s heckling, Biden was eventually forced to say exactly what Americans want to exclaim every time Trump starts speaking and that is “‘’Will you shut up man?” 

In whatever little debate that occurred apart from the otherwise encounter fogged with the lack of civility, there were a few highlights to help Americans decide their next President. 

Trump refusal to denounce White Supremacy.

What grabbed the attention of almost every media outlet covering the Presidential debate was Trump’s refusal to redirect the talk about White Supremacist Problem towards Left-wing. When moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump if he was willing to acknowledge and denounce the said issue, Trump replied: “Sure.

Donald Trump 45th U.S. President

I’m willing to do that,” but quickly adding his rebuttal saying “Almost everything I see is from the left-wing. Not from the right-wing. Proud Boys, stand back and stand by. But I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell you what. Somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem. This is a left-wing problem.” The remark also reiterated the contrasting opinions about BLM.

Trump’s condescending remarks about Biden’s Son

The most bitter and immature gibe from Trump during the Presidential debate clearly left a strong impression over American viewers. When Biden brought up a report about Donald Trump’s referral to American soldiers killed in war as “losers” and “suckers”, Trump certainly crossed a line in making the argument about Biden’s son, Hunter when Biden gave the example of his son Beau who was a part of the military and died in 2015. Hunter got thrown out of the military.

He was thrown out, dishonourably discharged for cocaine use. And he didn’t have a job until you became Vice President,” Trump said mocking Hunter Biden who battled drug abuse. “That’s not true. None of that is true.

My son, my son, like a lot of people we know at home, had a drug problem. He’s overtaken it. He’s fixed it. He’s worked on it. And I’m proud of him”, Biden replied visibly disturbed by Trump’s insensitive remarks but maintained his cool.

Contrasting Views About Battling The Pandemic.

Biden talked about prioritizing saving lives over saving the economy and also took a jab at Trump’s behaviour towards the pandemic. Referring to the president’s reaction to the grim milestone earlier this year that 100,000 people in the United States had been killed by the virus. “It is what it is because you are who you are,” Biden said. While Trump maintained his earlier responses also reiterating the virus as “China Plague” to blame-shift.

The debate was a clear win for Biden only because Trump seldom gave him a chance to say anything damaging to Democratic cause.