Dog Training Made Easy 2024

It is a popular saying that dogs are man’s best friends but believe it or not, you need to train these creatures before they can actually become your best buddies.

Just like many pets, dogs are very adorable but if there is communication gap between you and your dog it will become very tough to get along. If you have recently got a dog you need to start training it so that you may enjoy his companionship in the best possible manner.

Have patience

 To train your dog you need to have patience. It always takes time and patience for pets to learn what you want them to understand. So if you lose your patience and give up you will not be able to train your dog.

Develop an understanding

It is very important to understand the likes and dislikes of your dog. He may not feel comfortable doing certain things and you must not pressurize him, rather show respect for his likes and dislikes.

Proper diet

While training your dog you must also pay attention to his diet. Make sure you feed him with a proper diet that is rich in proteins. It will help you build his health and protect him from falling sick.


Rewarding your pet is essential whenever he follows your instructions. This is one of the strongest and the best ways to make him do things. When he gets his favorite stuff as a reward for this right action, he will certainly like to repeat it

Give love

Love is the supreme language and when it comes to your dog’s training, love can do what anger cannot achieve. You need to love your dog as much as possible. Show your love by giving lot of attention. Spend time with it, pat him, hug him and get him what he likes.

Clear instructions

Many dog owners may a terrible mistake. They often tell no to their dog when they don’t want him to act in a particular way. Saying no is not a very clear instruction rather you need to tell your dog what should be done. Give him clear instructions instead of passing orders that may sound general.


Training your dog in an effective manner calls for repetition and consistence. You may have to repeat an instruction a number of times before your dog actually follows your orders.  Remember to use the same words so that your dog does not get confused hearing different phrases or words for a particular instruction.