Celebration of National Pizza Day


pizza is the one of the most famous and favorite food in the world. people like to celebrates their special events, parties, or any occasions with different types of pizza recipes.

After observing the interest of people in the pizza the world decided to celebrate a day specially categorized for pizza and called pizza day. every year its come on Friday, February 9, 2018 and people celebrants this day with more interest and happiness. they like to eat a lot of pizza recipes with freidns.

on 2017 pizza day people also show their interest very much and celebrates this day. different countries like america, India, England etc like pizza types according to their country food. such as chicken pizzas, cheese with more coconut etc are very famous pizza type in America.

at this day some pizzas shops are also show honesty and give discounts to their customers. they serve pizzas with more good service and people also like.