What Features Should My New Coat Have?

When you set out to shop for a new winter coat or ski jacket, it can be dizzying to think of all of the possibilities that exist when it comes to the various features that are available.  Which features do you really need?  Which can you do without?  In the following article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular features of coats in Canada, so you can determine which ones you should look for in your new jacket.

Winter Coats Canada For Women

Zipper cover:

Also known as a storm flap, a zipper cover is designed to, as you might expect, cover the zipper of your jacket.  This is not just for aesthetic purposes.  The goal of zipper cover is to prevent wind and moisture from penetrating your jacket through the zipper area, which is a spot notoriously vulnerable to moisture.  This is a good feature to look for in a jacket.

Zipper cover

Powder skirt:

You may not have heard this term before, but you’re probably familiar with what a powder skirt is.  It is basically an elastic banding that is located inside the jacket, at the waist.  The goal of the powder skirt is to keep snow from going up the inside of your jacket, all the way around the body.  Because it also keeps the jacket snug against your body, a powder skirt also serves help the body retain heat and, as a result, will help keep you warmer.  If you do start to feel a little too warm, you can unsnap the powder skirt to allow heat to escape.  This feature could be considered a must-have if you are going to spend a large amount of time outdoors.

Powder skirt


Hoods aren’t all created equal. Some are attached, some are detachable, and still others are what is known as “stowaway” hoods.  Attached hoods are what most of us think of when it comes to a hooded jacket.  They are attached permanently to the jacket and cannot be removed without altering the jacket.  Detachable hoods can be removed easily, usually by snaps or a zipper, to allow the wearer flexibility to wear it when the situation dictates (for added warmth or protection from the rain, for example) or to remove it when it is not needed.

Pink Hood Jacket

Stowaway hoods offer the same flexibility as a detachable hood except that instead of being removed when it is not needed, a stowaway hood tucks into a pocket at the back of the jacket.  Generally, a hood is always a good idea on a jacket, whichever version you choose as they offer added protection from the elements, especially if you get caught without a hat.

Wrist closure

There are all kinds of different wrist closures that you can have on a jacket.  They can be elastic, Velcro, snaps, etc.  Whichever type you choose, be sure it is comfortable on your wrist and that the closure can either be adjusted or that it is large enough to accommodate your gloves without being so roomy so as to allow cold air and snow to get up your sleeves.

Wrist closure