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Tongue Scrapers & Oral Hygiene: What Do Your Favorite Celebrities Think About It?

We often idolize celebrities in many ways and try to adopt the habits they are currently incorporating in their lives. This is not limited to just clothing or dressing but also to personal care and hygiene. Undoubtedly, celebrities play a significant role in our exposure to new things.

Rarely, we see the matter or oral hygiene get highlighted by these celebrities. However, we have tried to collect a few oral hygiene tactics, especially in terms of tongue cleaning, to ensure you have the necessary awareness of the very people you adore.

Firstly, how about we look into the daily oral hygiene regimen of various celebrities and try to analyze what they are doing right or wrong.

Amanda Chantal Bacon, who is a well-known entrepreneur and ambassador of celebrity wellness highlights that she uses a tongue scraper on a regular basis. In an interview she further told that tongue scraper essentially allows you to remove the toxins that your body is trying to push out. You are helping your body in many ways through this. Not only that, but she thinks that tongue scraping acts as a helping hand in aiding her entire system.

On the other hand, Tao Lin, who is a renowned author and novelist, refers to an online book that he found useful. He states that Ramiel Nagel’s “Cure Tooth Decay” has been his go-to in terms of oral care. While all of us focus on external cures for tooth decay and oral care, Ramiel’s take brings up a lesser discussed aspect. That aspect is nutrition’s role in preventing carries and oral hygiene problems.

Bevy Smith has it the other way around. Rather than relying solely on tongue scrapers, toothbrushes, or flossing alone, Bevy uses the classic Altoids. She stated in an interview in early 2017 that she likes to keep them handy with her all the time. Moreover, she persistently offers them to any interviewers who may be experiencing bad breath.

Ryan Reynolds has become a heartthrob after delivering movies such as Deadpool. His charismatic personality, and most importantly, comical tone, adds an entirely different dimension to his character. But what oral hygiene routine does Ryan Reynolds comply with? While the information on this is very little, it is known that Ryan prefers to use an electric toothbrush “that spins”. In this interview, Ryan is referring to his Oral-B electric toothbrush that he pairs with flossing to get the best possible oral hygiene results. Undoubtedly, this routine works out for him in a positive way.

So, what can we learn from our superstars when it comes to oral hygiene?

We can certainly identify major components of excellent oral health from these people. Most of them follow a similar routine of brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. At this point, such a routine is crucial to ensure the best possible oral hygiene for your mouth. If we take into account the additional things that are being used by these actors, we can firstly observe that a tongue scraper is perhaps one of the most effective solutions cited by Amanda. Not only she swore by the benefits of tongue scraping to her entire body, but also cited it as a helping-hand for her body. We can realize that tongue scraping is indeed something that should be given an extreme amount of importance.

Secondly, if we consider the notion of oral health by Tao Lin, it is trivial to see that inner nutrition outperforms any of the oral health routines that we may opt for ourselves. Hence the quote that beauty comes from within.

In conclusion, if you want to have a glowing smile, it is important for you to prioritize oral hygiene by consistently brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash. Most importantly, finishing everything off with a tongue scraper.