Romania: Millions of People Protest Against Anti-Corruption

Romanian reach 13th day of protest to call the government to resign. According to Romanian news “tens of thousands Romania come out on the streets and calling the government to resign”. All the romaine show that they are active people and able to react if someone breaks the rules and spread corruption.

The amount of Romanian is on this protest is increasing by the day but the government still not response.  All the people have same demand that’s “resign thieves”.

They will reach Bucharest on Sunday night. Up to 50,000 protesters took in Bucharest march.  In other cities up to 20, OOO more protesters come out on the streets and stand to resign the government. They will soon succeed if they continue their protest. Even this news spread quickly and very dangerous for the Romanian government. If they still never resign then protesters will stand dangerously for the government.

Tofan said that “the resignation of justice minister is not enough for what they want.”

They are trying to change the Romania time and protect their country from thieves.  They will change the direction of the world and show that if people make stand for the government then no one will stop them. They are just trying to fight with corruption and soon will succeed.

The major goal of protesters is to change the whole government and took election again. They want to clean their country from thieves and make their country best.  They said that we want to stand this government down.