Iran Another Test Missile Fired After US Warning

Iran fired another test missile on Wednesday after a warning from America. According to biggest news reporting company ( FOX NEWS ) said that ” America officially said that on Wednesday missile test was on a short-range surface to air missile called Mersad. which is impacted from 56 kilometres (35 miles) away”.

Trump said in his 3 February tweet that ” Iran is playing with fire and they don’t appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them. Not me”.

Us president trump looks angry on this Iran’s activity. He said that Iran breaks the agreement of last year and firing unknown test missiles. If they do not stop their work than Iran will face a bad new. Trump said that I am not Obama and I will response on Iran’s activities. If Iran wants to stay protected and safe than never try to fire unknown issues and activities. We take full responsibility for the protection of the world. we also know what kind of things they need.

In the response of trump tweet, Iran’s supreme leader looks also angry. Iran’s prime minister will meet with trump and said that the latest test missiles were a “flagrant violation”.

In coming meeting of US president with Iran’s president in Washington Iranian president plan to raise the issue of renewing sanctions against Iran and relation with them. Iran sajjil has a range of 2 thousand kilometers and its medium range of missile Shahab -3 can easily reach Israel.