Kim Kardashian shows off sexy body in skimpy bikini

By wearing very close-fitting costume Kim Kardashian grabs the attention of the audience to her beautiful sexy, body. During her recent trip to Phuket, Thailand she exposed off her skinny body.

Kim Kardashian Black Bikini

Kim Kardashian Wearing Bra

Last week on the deck of the comfortable Iniala Beach House last week she wore a pair of very minor bikini. In recent months Kim does hard work to get skinny body and now she show off the results by wearing a swimsuit needed no encouragement because she knows she is looking hot in the black swimsuit.

Kim didn’t achieve this body easily she follow the diet and exercise. During her stay time in the Florida city she also continues the gym routine. Kim Kardashian said that every morning she do more than 100 squat. Kicking off and squats help her shed the pounds. She said that I gain a lot of weight in this situation to lose weight a big challenge for me.