Kim Kardashian

Congratulations, Kim Kardashian — You Win the Vapid Award of 2014

Kim Kardashian on, you realize, an ordinary human function similar to cheerful, and exactly why she endeavors to stay away from it whenever possible.

Nowadays, I dunno regarding you, but that’s a beautiful slow — and incorrect — thing to say, coming from Kim Kardashian. Or truly, anyone with an iota of feel (which may believe might eliminate Kim in cases like this).

Kim Kardashian

One, since cheerful, hello: you’re going to avoid laughing because you’re scared of just how it’s gonna affect your face? Newsflash, girlie — cheerful might do that super-taut face of yours miracles.

Two, even if Kim ever were to grow a crease by certain random little happenstance… it’s less if she wouldn’t zap it with her “magic powers” quicker than you may say “OMG AND WTF IS THAT A BABY BRA STRAP ON NORTH WEST’S ARM IN THAT PICTURE?!”