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How Does Stress Cause Hair Loss in Women?

The debate on hair loss is definitely an endless one, as there are countless organizations and specialists working on it to find out the root cause and what not. Since the past few years, we have seen a lot of treatments emerging out of the blue, which are said to be quite effective yet expensive for the common man to afford.

With several hair treatments going on around the town, you need to be aware of the everyday stresses that might be causing you to lose your hair. There are various reasons why you could be losing hair, but the general ones can be prevented. First of all, you need to be aware of the difference between a natural hair loss and the hair fall caused by the surrounding factors.

The factors differ from person to person, and another major cause can be the inherited baldness effect that runs in your family. However, there are certain techniques to deal with that as well. Since the female mind is used to multitasking, there is a higher chance of stress in women than in men, mostly because they are much more sensitive and emotional.

The tree major types of non surgical hair loss treatment that are associated with the features of stress are called; telogen effluvium, trichotillomania, and alopecia areata, which work on the mind of both men and women and each displays different situations. The usual amount of hair fall occurs for 3 to 6 weeks maximum, or if it lasts for long, then you need to take this matter seriously and get it checked. It is not necessary that work-related or domestic issues related stress is the actual cause of hair loss, as it depends on the individual’s power of resistance as well.

The unusual form of hair loss is when you lose a patch or clump of hair every time you brush or comb, or it can occur every time you blow dry your hair or so. Stress works differently, since it affects the way the body functions, it has a huge impact on the scalp of the woman body. Most females do not eat properly and develop unhealthy eating habits, which is why the hair and scalp do not receive the nutrition that they need to grow.

Another form of stressful hair loss is when women do not get the problem diagnosed in the initial stages, thinking that it is normal, and when things get out of hand, the medication and treatments take time to do its work. You still have the opportunity of going in for a non-surgical hair replacement treatment, but the only problem is that if you don’t get rid of the reason for stress that you are facing, no hair treatments would be able to hold on to your head for long.

It is essential for you to first reduce or diminish the cause of the stress that you are experiencing in order to get a proper hair treatment done. There are a number of professional and licensed hair loss clinics in Dubai that can diagnose your hair problems and suggest the treatments accordingly.