Top 10 Water Filter Brand In 2024

Water filter has become a common tool in every household in the urban areas of Bangladesh.

Especially where there is a crisis of clean water, the water filter is contributing a lot to improve the water quality. Therefore, there is a surge in water filter sales in Bangladesh. So, water filter price in Bangladesh has also become a popular search. Because there are many brands that are doing pretty decent business in the market. However, not all of them are providing the same quality services. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 water filter brands in Bangladesh.

Tecomen – Water Purifier

To remain safe from different waterborne diseases we have to filter water before we drink. The machine that does this job right is a water filter. One of the top-rated water filters in Bangladesh is  Tecomen. If you buy this, you will surely get 365 days warranty. Besides, it provides high-quality purification. Tecomen comes up with RO technology to provide clean water. To get 100% contaminant-free water, there is no good alternative to Tecomen in the Bangladeshi market. ISO certifies its extremely good quality.

Top 10 Water Filter Brand In 2021

Karofi – Water Purifier

Karofi comes directly from Vietnam. It is a popular water filter brand in Bangladesh. To grab the Bangladeshi market they implemented some strategies. Such as the inclusion of the latest technology to purify water. Water purification is a sensitive matter. Karofi does not compromise at all when water purification is the main concern. It has also got the ISO certification which is proof of its high-quality services. Besides that, it also gives a one-year warranty. That’s why Karofi is one of the top brands.

KoriHome – Water Purifier

If you are looking for a water purifier that gives you 4 stage to 8 stage water purification then the right choice would be KoriHome water purifier. We all know that water contains different kinds of contaminants. Without cleaning them we cannot drink. If we do so, we will be infected by different bacteria and viruses. To kill those bacteria and viruses the best machine I recommend is KoriHome. The reverse osmosis technology along with the multiple layers facility KoriHome is the best one.

Deng Yuan – Water Purifier

Water is a natural substance that saves lives on this earth. But when there is life-threatening elements are present in the water you cannot drink it. It may take your life. So, what to in that situation? Use Deng Yuan Water Purifier to clean your water. This Taiwanese brand is in the top ten list in the market of water filters. Because besides providing clean water it comes up with a large capacity. 15+ liter water can be purified in it at a time.

Lan Shan – Water Purifier

When the latest technology is concerned Taiwanese water filter is way ahead of others. Well, among the other Taiwanese water purifiers Lan Shan has grabbed the major portion of our market. This water filter comes with 5 and 6 layers of water purification technology. Because of its various production capacity, it is dominating the Bangladeshi market. The faucet of the Lan Shan water purifier is made with stainless steel. That makes sure you can use it for a long time. Besides ISO, it has SASO certification as well.

Puricom – Water Purifier

The water crisis is an acute problem in urban areas. It is hard to find pure water everywhere. To solve this problem in Bangladesh Puricom water filters are working hard. The Bangladeshi market is full of diversity. Besides, it is a huge market. To grab the attention of the people of Bangladesh Puricom is providing the best water cleaning technology. It kills or removes all the contaminants including chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, etc. To purify drinking water the Bangladeshi people are relying on this water filter. So, it has come in the top list.

Fluxtek – Water Purifier

The production capacity of this water filter is surprisingly amazing. The capacity is 100 GPD/ 15.75(±) Liters Per Hour. The performance of this water filter is certified by SASO and ISO. So, there is no doubt about its becoming one of the top-rated brands in the Bangladeshi filter market. The faucet has a unique style with SUS (WQA patented) stainless steel faucet. So, one can easily use and trust this water filter. The performance of this water filter stands out among the other water filters easily.

Heron – Water Purifier

If anyone asks me what is the water filter brand you trust most, I would say that it is the Heron water filter brand. The technology it uses is simply the best. Very few Chinese brands are thriving in Bangladesh. And Heron is one of those high-quality brands. It can fully remove the water contaminants from water. Heron water purifier kills the countless substances in water that can take our lives. That is why it has become the most liked water filter in our market. It gives 365 days warranty and ISO certification to reassure its quality.

Eco Fresh – Water Purifier

Another Chinese brand that is thriving in the Bangladeshi market. China is known for its highly developed technology in water filtration. To kill viruses and bacteria you need high-quality machines. Eco Fresh has already gained the trust of our people. To make water safe and drinkable Eco Fresh is contributing. So, it is also on the top list.

Kent – Water Purifier

Kent is considered one of the most praised water filter brands in the whole world. So, we see the influence in Bangladesh as well. The Reverse Osmosis technology is their patent. They are selling this technology to the whole world. Kent is one of the leaders in the water filter market. It offers the consumer a different variety of water filters with different capacities.

Final Verdict

To grab a market the water filter brands have to provide latest technology for better quality services. Besides, that should be certified by international standardization organizations as well.

The water filter brands I have discussed above all have ISO certification. They are thriving in the Bangladeshi market because they are providing the best water filtration services.