Prince William “Quietly Won America,” an Anti-Monarchy Group Responds

Prince William’s popularity in the US soars as he tops an American poll, with Republic dismissing its significance. The poll compared him with less popular figures. He’s set to visit for the Earthshot Prize Summit in NYC on September 19.

Anti-monarchy group Republic has conveyed its perspective following a surge in Prince William’s popularity among Americans, as indicated by the latest poll.

In a report by the Telegraph, it was highlighted that “The Prince of Wales has emerged as the top public figure in a recent poll, earning the title of the most popular and unifying ‘newsmaker’ according to the American public.”

The publication also tweeted, “Prince William seems to have quietly captivated America.”

The significance of this was underscored with the statement, “Does it matter? Yes.”

Republic, in response to the poll, tweeted, “The Telegraph places remarkable, yet unsurprising, emphasis on an unfavorable poll. The level of interest among Americans is not a decisive factor. Moreover, the poll juxtaposed him with unpopular individuals. It can hardly be deemed seriously noteworthy.”

The survey in question was conducted in anticipation of Prince William’s upcoming visit to the United States next month.

Scheduled for September 19, the Prince of Wales will return to the United States to participate in the second Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in New York City.