Overnight Desert Safari In Dubai & Its Serene Habitat

The conservation reserve of Dubai is the ultimate notion of travel enthusiasts. Apart from sightseeing its giant skyscrapers, make an escape to a nomad’s home. The wilderness of desert safari Dubai invites the wanderers to behold it. Whether you go for enthralling dune activities or spend a sleepless night in the desert camps. The golden arena of Dubai offers you a legit extravaganza. Discover how a night at a desert safari looks like to plan an epic trip to its vicinity.

An Overnight Adventure at Desert Safari in Dubai

1.  A Venturous Camping Experience

The ultimate perk for campers at the Arabian dunes is camping under the starry night. Grab your camping equipment such as sleeping bags and rags, and pitch your own camp in the midst of a sand bed. You can also book a private camp on the dunes. These camps are based on an old Bedouin tribal theme that inspires the guests at a glance.

2.    Exciting Sand Activities

Buckle up for the insane adventures at the sandy arena. Get fascinated by enthralling sand activities including dune bashing, ATV & fat biking, and sandboarding. Cover the sandy slopes during the dusk and meet ultimate thrill. Dune bashing in a 4×4 can be encountered in a hummer, land cruiser, or dune buggy. Likewise, quad bikes are also 4WD, the difference, is that you can drive them by yourself on the rough surface of the terrain.

3. The Regal Ride of the Barren

A camel ride is a nomad’s venture which no one would want to miss. The explorers love wandering over the camel’s hump as it offers them to cover the farthest limits of the golden terrain. Soak up in the humming breezes of the Arabian barren while riding a camel. This ancient mode of transport of the Arabs is a symbol of their traditional vitality.

4.  The Tempting Eatery

A night visit to a the dunes of Dubai offers the foodies a delightful feast to enjoy. Consume various Arabian and international cuisines after exhausting sand activities. There are various veg and non-veg food items splattered in middle-eastern style for the guests. The charcoal roasted BBQ stimulates your taste buds to the exotic flavours. Get recharged by refreshing soft drinks, Arabian coffee, and tea. These fruitful delights make you forget the conventional concept of a desert and its scarcity of food.

5. Live Dance Performances

Enjoy live depiction of outstanding art presented by the locals and professional dancers. The nightlife of the Arabian barren reflects the vivid cultural aspects of the UAE. Get stunned over the Tanura dance, stick dance, fire show, and belly dance. These unique dance forms are performed by stunning artists in the welcome of their guests. opt for an overnight safari to the dunes of Dubai if you don’t want to miss this exotic regalia.

6.  Cultural Inspiration

Get inspired by the Arabian culture by participating in the ongoing festivities at the campsite. Get henna tattoos on your hands and feet and attire yourself in the traditional Arabian robes. Take photos with the hawks and eagle owls as souvenirs of desert safari in Dubai. All the campsite activities are overwhelming for a wanderer who loves to peer such glorious places.

8. Stargazing Outside the Camp

Lock your vision at the sparkling galaxies gathered at the sky of the barren. Stargazing is an exclusive glee you get to encounter only in a night stay at a desert safari in Dubai. Watching the fluorescent hues of the sky as if the stars are embellished over it by nature, is so captivating.

9.  Delightful Breakfast

Welcome a new morning with energizing breakfast served in the midst of red Arabian dunes. Take the reviving morning meal along with refreshing beverages. These include Arabian coffee with dates, tea, and chilled cocktail drinks. Consuming a delightful breakfast in the exquisite Bedouin camps rejuvenates you inside out.

10. Capture the Souvenirs of UAE

Capture the wilderness of the desert by all means. You’ll see hundreds of props by nature offering a beautiful frameset to photographers to polish their skills. The alluring sunrise, wandering camels, drifting SUVs, and wildlife are the ultimate charms for photophilic.


Experience the ethereal joy of thrill, entertainment, and cultural inspiration at this land of nomads. A standard night expedition to a desert safari usually takes nine hours to soak you into its iconic ventures. The dunes at night are in their scenic wilderness which you’d never want to miss out on.