Human Rights Day History, Facts & Quotes


Human Rights Day annually observed across the planet on 10th of  December 2014. Human Rights Day is ascertained by the international community each year on December 10th… The General Assembly of UN declared December 10th  as Human Rights Day in 1948, to bring around the eye ‘of the people of the world’ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because the common level of accomplishment for all peoples and every one nations.

Human Rights Day
Human Rights Day

The basic motive of human right day is to educate people especially teenagers to know the importance of this day and uphold these right in their communities.


Human Rights Day is commonly observed on 10th December annually and is marked by speeches and activities designed to bring attention to the problems encompassing Human Rights worldwide. The UN issued the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December ten, 1948. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is taken into account because the most translated document in today’s history. It’s obtainable about more than 360 languages and new translations are now still being adding.


*The UN Declaration of Human Rights was their primary or first declarations and the atrocities perpetrated upon humans throughout war II were dropped at spotlight.

*Human Rights Day may be a world observance and not a public vacation.

*The United Nation symbols are commonly related to Human Rights Day. Copies of the full Universal Declaration of Human Rights also considered symbolic of Human Rights Day and are usually distributed on or around 10th December.


Inspiring quotes regarding human rights day are spoken by famous and known personalities all around the world.