Diamond Engagement Ring

How To Buy A Unique Diamond Ring

When you are looking to purchase a diamond ring, whether for yourself or someone else, it can seem nearly impossible to choose from a sea of options.  Jewellery store after jewellery store, one ring can start to blur into all of the others.  After a while, all diamond rings start to look alike.  Given that, how do you choose a unique diamond ring? That’s the challenge.

Truthfully, when it comes to diamond rings Toronto residents should know that no two designs are exactly alike.  Diamonds themselves are unique, which means that there is no such thing as two identical rings.  But, if you want a ring that is truly unique in every way, there are a few things you can do.

First, you could design the ring yourself. This is by far the best way to ensure your ring is totally unique.  If you fancy yourself to be an artist, you can bring a sketch of what you want to a jewellery designer to translate your vision.  If not, no worries. Simply describe what you want and they will sketch it for you and make changes until the sketch reflects what you imagine.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Note that custom ring design doesn’t come cheap.  Just like anything custom made, custom diamond rings can become very pricey, very quickly.  Because of that, it’s best to clearly communicate your budget with the jewellery designer ahead of time so they can work within it.  And always get a final quote before you give the go-ahead to start the project.

Another way to customize a ring is to switch up the stones.  Simply by changing the stone from a diamond to something else (a ruby or an emerald, perhaps?) you can totally change the look of a ring.  Even if you want to stick with diamonds (for an engagement ring, for example) you should know that diamonds aren’t just the clear coloured ones that are the most common.  Although more expensive, other shades of diamonds can make even a simple solitaire ring something truly magical.

Finding a unique diamond ring isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.  Whether you are purchasing a ring for an engagement, as a special present or simply as an indulgence for yourself, it can take a little extra effort to find a ring that is truly unique.  You can either go the custom-made route for a 100 percent unique piece or you can customize an already-existing piece to create your own unique interpretation.

The important thing is that you create something that is as unique as the person you are buying the ring for even, or perhaps especially, if that person is yourself.  If you are giving the ring to someone else, taking the time to create a custom piece will show them that you want to give them something that is as unique and special as they are.  And there’s no better expression of love than that.