How Did Jimmy Kimmel Lose Weight and Diet Plan

It would be a strange if you come to know a few years younger Jimmy Kimmel. He grew up so skinny and it was recorded that on his first driver’s license he was mentioned as 6-foot-1 and 136 pounds  so it is a strange thing that a skinny Jimmy Kimmel converted into the kilos of fat. The reason for this weight gain lies in his family, Jimmy’s mother was an Italian. She always blessed the table with a variety of food and each dish has such a taste that no one can resist.

Jimmy said that for years he had not even a vague notion what is obesity but in 2010 he ordered a weighing balance. Jimmy bought the balance not to weigh himself or any family member but due to a side offer for free Wi-Fi router.

At that time Jimmy w weighed 208 lbs. and putting on such a lump of weight is entirely a new feeling. It was the time when Jimmy met Dr. Oz in a show, and they both had a conversation related to Jimmy’s health. The very next day of their meeting, Dr. Oz called him and said “I’m worried about you.

How Did Jimmy Kimmel Lose Weight and Diet Plan

Jimmy Kimmel

You’re a young man. You have to take care of yourself.” Until that moment Jimmy said him that doctor need not worry about anything as he is satisfied with his health.

Jimmy Kimmel Lose Diet Plan

Jimmy said that he started in quite a strange manner, he said the day he wanted to exercise the exercise the whole day but there also comes a time when he skipped the diet plan and his gym routine for weeks. I decided. He also mentioned that for days he only lived on two protein shakes and a very small dinner every day. The routine persists for about eight days later he switched to a strict 2,000 calorie consumption per day.

With that practice, Jimmy was able to weight lose 25. A few days later he adopted a new thing, it will be quite strange to hear but Jimmy starves himself for two days a week. Jimmy mentioned that on Monday and Thursday, he consume below 500 calories each day, then he just stuffs everything for the rest of the days.

The key for this practice is to surprise your body and for Jimmy, the inspiration to use such a technique to control his weight comes from a 138 years old Indian man.

He is leading a healthy life only by severe calorie restriction and possesses such a sound health. Jimmy further added that he had a portrait of Gandhi on his fridge door.