Happy Australia Day 2024 Events In Melbourne

Right through this article we will be going to talk about the Happy Australia Day Events Melbourne. As we all know that each country has its own national day that marks the creation of their country. In the same way Australia even celebrates with its National Day as well. This day is known with the name of “Happy Australia Day”. This day is celebrated each year on the day of 26th January. This is the just National Day in the whole world whose celebrations are undertaken for one whole week with great sum of blast and entertainment.

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day is usually undertaken in the places of Melbourne and Victoria as each year Victorian Government brings out something new and festive ones in relation with the fun and activities along with the free events as well.


The day of 26th January refers to the First Landing Day or Foundation Day. In the year 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip who was the first governor of New South Wales, arrived at Sydney Cove!

In Victoria the people usually celebrates the Happy Australia Day with the aim of memorizing the things that they just love about their country. It is basically the time when the people of Australia can breathe in the free air. It is the day of freedom and celebrating the power of the country.

Happy Australia Day starts from 23rd January and ends on 27th January. On this day the whole country is granted with the national holiday. The families move around along with their families for picnic and even gather out for attending the free events and functions. The people even march down the streets to let other know that they are frees enough to move out in their country and stand for their rights.


  1. Audax Alpine Classic 2014: This even takes place on 26th January. On the place of this event almost 2,000 cyclist move out on the roads of Australia. There are almost five rides ranging in distance from 70kms in the company of one climb to the top of Mount Buffalo.
  2. Aus. Day Fun Run: Aus. Day Fun Run is another big event that takes place on 26th January. This event is basically arranged by the local sporting and community groups. The main aim of this happening is to complement the actions and activities that are taking place in foreshore each year.
  3. AusFest 2014 | Australia Day Cider Festival: On the last we have Australia Day Cider Festival that is all arranged on 26th January. This event starts at 12pm and ends at 1am.

We hope that through this article you must have learnt a lot about the Happy Australia Day events in Melbourne…..