Great American Smokeout

2024 Great American Smoke out Facts & Quotes

Every year, on the third Thursday of November month, smokers across the state participate within the American Cancer Society at American smoke out day 2024On this day smokers all across the America use the date to form a concept to quit, or arrange prior quit smoking on this particular day.

The great American Smoke out event challenges many smokers to prevent mistreatment of tobacco and helps folks realize the numerous tools they’ll use to assist them to quit and keep them not to smoke anymore…

Great American Smokeout
Great American Smoke out

*Tobacco use remains the world’s most preventable reason for death.
Smoking cigarette accounts for concerning 443,000 premature deaths – together with 49,000     in non-smokers.

*The holiday began in 1970, once a person in Massachusetts asked some people to relinquish up smoking for a day and give charity fund of that saved money to the native high school scholarship fund.

* About thirty percent of cancer deaths, together with eighty seven percent deaths in lungs cancer are attributed to smoking.

* Smoking accounts for over $193 billion in health care expenditures and productivity losses annually.
* 43.4 million Americans still smoke.

* Cigarette is that the leading reason for cancer-related death for every person.

It’s really hard and difficult for an addicted smoker to quit smoking. It takes enough time.


There are various motivational and inspirational quotes and slogans are compiled within different websites regarding quit smoking. Quotes are not only aimed at smokers to quit but these quotes can encourage them to ever starting!