Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

Charlize Theron, Sean Penn Secretly Engaged: Get the Details!

She said oui! The City of Light turned out to be the City of Love for Sean Penn and Charlize Theron. As exposed in the new matter of Us Weekly, the couple found engaged on a tour to Paris this past November.
They “decided to take their romance to the next level,” a reference speaks of Theron, 39, and Penn, 54, who first moved away collectively in December 2013.

It was no normal proposal, although. Theron, who has said previously that she’s not the type of woman who ever dreamt of a large wedding ceremony, can be not the types of lady who requires a huge diamonds diamond engagement ring. “There’s no engagement ring, however they are committed,” the insider tells Us.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn
Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

Commitment has never been any trouble for the mom of Jackson, 2. Speaking about the chance of relationship in a meeting with Vogue this past June, she said she wasn’t fearful of long-term associations. On the other hand, the truth is. “I want the long-term romantic relationship,” she told the mag.

What she doesn’t would like, it seems like, is a good deal of hullabaloo. “Let’s place it in this way: I in no way had the fantasize about the white-colored gown. And seeing others obtaining married? I think it’s lovely to them, but to be quite truthful, generally I’m relaxing there just ravaged,” she confessed.

“It’s allowed to be this nighttime of honoring love, and all you observe is several separated all night ensuring everyone else is okay,” she described. “It just seems like a lot of work. And when you grow older, you begin sifting via the stuff that truly things.”

Penn, for his part, has been married twice before, to Madonna from 1985 to 1989, and to Robin Wright from 1996 to 2010. Wright recently reconnected with her former fiance Ben Foster, from whom she split in November. She “realized she had something good,” a pal tells Us of the 48-year-old House of Cards star.