5 Different Looks Kim Kardashian Style

Though over the years it seems that Kim Kardashian is stuck with her signature look in dressing, makeover and hairstyle. She look composed of fitting frocks, high stilettos, and worthy raven locks.

Besides this, she has been famous for switching up her looks and impress her fans by making a quick change to her enviable tresses.

Kim Kardashian Style 2020

  1. Kim Kardashian Honey-Hued Wig Style

So far Kim Kardashian has kept this look for a very long time and it was hard to notice the change her style until April 2009. Most of her fans were shocked when they were informed that the signature style of their beloved lady is nothing more than a wig.

Kim Kardashian Honey Hued Wig Style

  1. Kim Kardashian Pinned Up Barrel Curls Style

Kardashian was spotted in short and curly hair during a photoshoot held in 2009. Though the style requires a lot of hair spray and several pins but Kim Kardashian carried it well.

Kim Kardashian Pinned Up Barrel Curls

  1. Kim Kardashian Platinum Lob Style

It was for the first time when Kim Kardashian appeared on stage in a blonde look. The style took a lot of time and demanded multiple sittings from the star, but it was the most abrupt and drastic change in the hair style which was liked by several fans and Kim herself.

Kim Kardashian Platinum Lob

  1. Kim Kardashian Bangs Style

Once again Kim Kardashian appeared on stage in her short and flappy hairs. That hair style got famous among the folks and was highly appreciated by her fellows. A friend of Kardashian, Kylie also wore the same hair cut during the reign.

Kim Kardashian Bangs

  1. Kim Kardashian Unwashed Style

Among several looks adopted by Kim Kardashian, it was the sexiest look. Her tresses were in their original black color and were of longer length. Kim reported that she liked this messy hairstyle a lot because she is not bound to wash the hairs every other day and it said her styling time a lot.

Kim Kardashian Unwashed