New York Halloween Parade 2022 Route Map


A distance of approximately one mile is covered in the planned route of Halloween parade 2022. Thousands of people wearing different artistic costumes, dancers and performers participate in this cultural event. Initially it was a wild event but now it has become a formal one.

Interested people with amazing costumes starts gathering at the spring street and sixth avenue for the official line up around 6pm. Puppets take the lead and march up the sixth avenue puppets are then followed by the costumed participants, floats and bands. However, incoming performers, puppets bands and floats can join in anytime throughout the parade. Streets intersecting the parade route remain closed. People having desire to enter the parade are directed to enter via Spring Street.

NYC Halloween Parade Route Map
NYC Halloween Parade Route Map


No extra lighting arrangement is made for the parade, usually street lights serve the purpose. However, for the provision of reasonable visibility for the TV cameras and professional photographers one portion of the parade route is kept lit.

Normally, it becomes difficult to distinguish between the spectator alongside the road and the participant on the road as the spectators themselves are very grotesquely dressed. Throughout the route organizers encourage the marchers to engage the crowd especially the children and the media. The parade passes goes through the Houston Street, Bleecker Street, Christopher Street, and Greenwich Avenue, then ends at 16th Street.

Even after the parade is finished festivity continues and participants disperse to the many costume parties planned at area bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. Police remain vigilant on the side lines to avoid any unforeseen situation.