Happy Christmas Boxing Day

Boxing Day 2021 History, Facts & Quotes

The Christmas Boxing Day 2021 is traditionally a public or bank holiday which is observed annually on Sunday, December 26, 2021.The Boxing Day is usually observed by commonwealth countries mainly Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. It is happened the day after the Christmas and related as a day of Good will.

Christmas Boxing Day 2021

Happy Christmas Boxing Day
Happy Christmas Boxing Day

Boxing Day could be a vacation celebrated the day after the Christmas in United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Its history dates back to the Age of Exploration.

The priest would place a wood box on every ship and crew members would drop coins into in hopes of making certain a secure come back. The box would stay on the ship, upon it’s come back, the priest would say a prayer of thanksgiving and reciprocally receive the box and its contents. He would safeguard the box till Christmas, wherever he would then open it and share the contents with the poor

Christmas Countdown 2021

*In the late eighteenth century, Lords and women of enormous estates would observe the Boxing Day. They’d do that by boxing up leftover food, clothing and alternative home goods. This stuff would be distributed amongst their tenants and employees on the second day of Christmas.

 *several charitable organizations observe a variety of giving Christmas Boxes to the poor. Operation Christmas kid is one such organization.

*26th of December is also known as St. Stephen’s Day for the Western Church.


On Boxing Day people send beautiful inspirational quotes to their loved ones. Some of the quotes are mentioned in this article.