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The News Gossip has grown very fast over the last few months and we are now getting requests for guest posts.

Would you like to be featured on The News Gossip? Submit your article and we will publish it to all our social channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ & Twitter.

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Writer Guidelines – Guest Posts

  • Articles must be originally written by the submitting author and not published elsewhere. Length should be 500-1,000 words.
  • Once article topic is approved, we will respond with an email address to submit article in Word format (no PDF or other file formats), as an email attachment.
  • Articles should offer readers clear advice, takeaways, and how-to tips about a specific topic in the tech world, special preference given to authors who are thought leaders in a specific niche area (e.g. Entertainment, Event, Technology, Celebrity, Photography and Fashion. Bullet points and lists are good to add emphasis when pertinent.
  • Include relevant links in parentheses.
  • If you submit an article that mentions businesses or companies, be sure to disclose any vested interest you may have. And if this adds to your credibility, make it even clearer.
  • If an article / Guest Posts is published on a Cover Story Media website, the author grants copyright to Cover Story Media, Inc. with full attribution but the author will be given author credit as well as granted Google Authorship, if desired.
  • NOTE: We do not pay contributors for their occasional articles.

Additional Details Required

  • Bio – Include a brief bio of 25 words or less.
  • Headshot – Send us a photo of you, max size: 620×450 pixels.
  • Images – If you have any screenshots, charts, or other suggested images to accompany your article, send them along or let us know where we can find them. We reserve the right to select all final images but appreciate your input.
  • Contact Info – Google Plus, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn links, if you wish to share.

In summary, we recommend the best posts on the internet, so if your article is interesting, there is no reason why we wouldn’t publish.

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