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No More Bikinis! Miss World Competition Bans for Swimsuit Portion

No More Bikinis! Miss World Competition Bans for Swimsuit Portion: Glam and twinkle remains in, however bikinis are out! Miss World pageant chairwoman Julia Morley has forbidden the significantly talked-about swimwear portion of the contest, which includes been a staple in the event since 1951.

“The association has decided to take by itself away from the swimwear world while it isn’t the path they’re trying to obtain,” Chris Wilmer, the nationwide director of the Miss World America and Miss United States group, lately told ABC News.
“It’s not only a beauty competition, it’s ‘beauty with an aim,'” he persisted. “There didn’t appear to be a purpose to have the swimwear.”

Miss World
Miss World

Over 100 contestants parade their best resources on the Miss World stage annually, but Wilmer hopes that this new improvement will reduce the quantity of consideration contestants receive for their overall look.

“Miss World needs to be a spokesperson who is able to assist a local community,” Wilmer told ABC News. “She’s much more of an ambassador, not a beauty queen. It’s much more regarding the outreach and exactly what a lady must have a title like Miss World.”

He extra: “Pageantry is an age old business and I believe Julia eliminating swimwear and rendering it much more of a life-style competitors transmits a powerful message and I applaud her as it.”