Causes of Breast Pain
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Ten Main Causes of Breast Pain

Ten Main Causes of Breast Pain In Women of all ages do complain about breast pain also known as mastalgia. Breast pain is most common during the reproductive times. 70 percent of women do complain about having a breast pain and 15 percent need medical treatment.

Pain can occur in both breast and one breast, it can vary .It can be mild or severe. Breast pain is easily to treat but in rare cases it’s a sign of something serious. Mastalgia is called a breast pain. The pain usually categorized as cyclical or noncyclical.

Causes of Breast Pain
Causes of Breast Pain

Some women complain about tenderness or it seems fuller than usual. There are many causes due to which breast pain occurs here we will discuss ten causes of breast pain.

Ten Causes of Breast Pain

1. Hormone Fluctuations

Menstrual cycle causes hormones fluctuations in estrogens and progesterone. Due to these hormones women can complain about swollen breast, lumpy and sometimes painful. The pain will get worse two to three days before your period, and sometimes it continue throughout the menstrual cycle.

2. Breast Cyst

As women ages, breast also experience changes, it is when breast tissues is replaced by fat. There is a side effect of it which causes development of cyst and other fibrous tissue.

3. Breastfeeding

Breast is also sometimes the cause of breast pain. There can be tingling sensation during letdown. If baby isn’t latching properly to your nipple there can a women experience a breast pain. It includes cracking nipples and nipple soreness.

4. Breast Infection

Breast infection can also a cause of breast pain mostly breastfeeding mother complain about this but occasionally it can occur in other women too. If pain in breast is due to breast infection, it includes symptoms as fever, redness and swelling.

5. Breast surgery

Due to breast surgery women complain about breast pain. Formation of scar tissue can lead to breast pain. The amount and type of pain can change overtime.

6. Costochondritis

This condition affects women of over 40 years of age. It is a syndrome. The inflammation of the cartilage that connects the breast bone and ribs.

7. Engorgement

When breast become overfull its called engorgement. Due to which breast become enlarge and skin is tightened and it feel painful.

8. Medications

Hormone Therapy, antidepressants, antibiotics and medications for heart disease all contribute pain to breast.

9. Smoking

Smokings can makes a women’s breast hurt as there smoking increases epinephrine levels in breast tissue.

10. Breast cancer

Breast pains are not all usually link to breast cancer. But this can be a major cause of Breast cancer.