Egypt Elections 2015 – More Heat In The Land of The Nile

The land of the sun sands and the Nile, Egypt faces more heat this year as the country races through the elections backedby President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The election which are to be conducted in two phase will decide the 596 members of the parliamentand is composed of 10 parties and several public figures.

The first phase of the elections started from 17th October and focuses on Upper Egypt and the West Delta whereas the second phase will focus on central Egypt along with the east Delta.

In the first round of the polls the pro-government For the Love of Egypt electoral list enjoyed a decisive victory as was obvious from the words of the head of the High Elections Commission Ayman Abbas.

The turnout thus far has been considerably low as compared to the 2012 elections which received the highest turnout since 2011 revolution. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who is accused of crushing all his opponents

“Line up in front of polling stations and plant with your votes the hope for a bright tomorrow for our new Egypt,” Sisi was reported to havesaid in a televised speech Saturday. “I am expecting Egyptian youth to be the driving force in this celebration of democracy.”

egypt poll

Egypt has been without a parliament since 2012 after the lower house was dissolved, the elections promise for Egypt new possibilities. Egypt having gone through a turmoil is stabilizing but the risks are high and accordingly the security situation in the country is on high alert as well.